Thursday, October 16, 2008

Toast to Chandu

I see it though or as I believe it though
It is the mark of memory that he makes it bow
tenderness, loveliness.. his passion , his creation..
he throws a dart at all these as they go

An invigorated mind, with a pleasant self
He seems to run the omniscient space at a vigorous pace
the engineer, the singer.. the analyst, the linguist...
Not a knot that he pulled was left un-laced.

A fan of the Divas and the righteous tones
I believe, he is the one to be seen intone
And, being at best when left to his chest
his voice is awaited by many a folk inturn...

As to the essence of it or the absence of it
his friendship makes it to the nonsense of love..
One may see it coming or let it going
but one will never miss this substance of a Dove

A bit of a nag sometimes, and a kick at your ass sometimes
you indeed have to get in terms with his naughty self...
teasing and appeasing... gripping and tripping...
These ruthless games of ours feel void without his being.

Being a virtuous self, he can take pride over his willfull ride
And being our beloved dude, we take pride over his wonderful abide.


Raga being an integral part, I am sure dude you would leave a saga.!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

My testimonial to Naveen

As metal as iron, as i see him working
no scrapes of rust though, as he keeps it shining
to be the bloody world's being, as he keeps it saying
And to the fun of everything, he keeps it rocking

Energy is what he has and seems like red bull is what he likes.. ;)
from his morning break of light, when the Navsun shines
to being late at night, when the Vunnam mimes
it is what he even gives to many a junta's lives

Being a beloved one by many a soul
his way of life redefines many a role
from being a gal's boy to being a guy's dood...
All the one that takes stake is his love that rules

For his current lull at love though, there seems no dust
But for his new venture, his efforts seek no rest
And of his leadership and PR, as we know, need no test
For this and everything, I wish him all the best.!!

As for the days in campus, he was a naughty guy next door
For once and always hez been the reason for all kind of uproar
Kinda making fun of everyone and everything he watched
and also sometimes facing the brunt of a victim's scorch

But as for the human being he is...
few have his kind of understanding and fewer can escape his attention
As, for the likes of his do not hold your prevention
And as to every act of his seems to be like a little sensation

For us, it is many years that we go and many miles that we travel
there are many more things to write and many more threads to unravel........................

My B'day wishes to Raghu-(way back in May, 2006)

Waqt ko ho tumse mubarak jo bitaya tumne uske saath itne pal...
humko hai thumse pyaar jo diya tumne humme na jaane kitne pal...
Saalo ki geenthi mey chaar ko tho kar diya thumne humaari...
Ab saaliyon ki geenthi mey lag jaaye chaar chaand tumhari.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


haai,yeh teri kya mast adaa...
jispe huva mai dum mast fida...
e mere jaane khuda...
karna nahin iss chaand se ab mujhko juda.

Monday, November 5, 2007

bubli bubli chinki chow...

yeh ek billa aur billi ki kahani hai.. woh dono kuch hi din pehle mile the aur saath mey rehne lage ek public garden mey..

bubli bubli chinki chow..
bille ne chaata billi ko..
billi ko aaya gussa jo..
tho diya ek chaanta bille ko..

bubli bubli chinki chow..

bubli bubli chinki chow..
chatpat chaanta laga jo..
aur ab dil toot gaya jo..
gaya billa suicide karne ko..
rote huve-'mo mo mo...

bubli bubli chinki chow..

bubli bubli chinki chow..
billi ko baath patha chala tho..gayi woh bhaagi bhaagi-'ho ho ho...
aur diya ek aur chaanta chatpat chow..
aur liya apne baahon mey bille ko..

bubli bubli chinki chow....

Dictates over time

A snow capped Volcanic mountain
A rusted sword
Deep Blue Ocean

Eruption of the Volcano
A Broken Sword
A sunk vessel

Formation of hard rock
A new Sword
A new vessel
And, a new journey.......